Judy Gittelsohn

Earthen Head, 2016

Judy Gittelsohn Earthen Head, 2016

Judy Gittelsohn

Earthen Head

My recent paintings are large acrylic color studies of objects; people, places and things. Each of my subjects is situated in an atmosphere and featured as a portrait. I appreciate a mixture of their representational and abstract qualities. I am interested in shapes, planes, layers and the places where these intersect and what they form. The stories and the emotions of these forms absorb me. With paint, these objects are built of dimensional shapes, waves and transparent sweeps. I focus on the continuum and the interruption of the application of color. These turns and twists develop their nature. My objects do not have to stand or support. They can float and fly and disappear and reveal and take us where physics cannot.

Acrylic on linen

16 x 18 in.