Vian Borchert

The Nosy Vase, 2017

Vian Borchert The Nosy Vase, 2017

Vian Borchert

The Nosy Vase

The story behind the painting:

I was always an artsy kid. Back in high school, I took a ceramics class where most of the assignments were to make a vase or some sort of a clay pot. I never liked making a simple average vase. I always liked to bring part of me to the vase making it more edgy, fun, creative and pushing the limits towards surrealism. So, I would add my face, my eyes, and nose to the vase's shape - Almost, humanizing the vase with a portrait. The stranger than fiction part is when I brought the vase home, my brother until this day tells me that he could have sworn that the eyes on the vase kept following him wherever he went throughout the room which back then freaked him out tremendously and naturally made him frightened from this strange vase which he said had magical powers. Thus, this is my memory of ȐThe Nosy Vaseȑ, and hence inspiration for this artwork.

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 9 in.